Essay on imagination of india in 2050

The trend in recent years is for Indians to eat even less. But such assertions miss the point.

Essay : Vision 2050 for India

Besides these, it can also provide extremely powerful computers with which to guide both those ships and a wide range of other activities in space. The good news is we are already on the right track, we have come a long way from caste, and community based coalition governments to a single party majority government.

Why not take it a step further: From what were merely stories of yesterday, which go popularly under the name of science fiction or sci-fi, the musings have become reality today. As a result, we expect India to become the largest economy in the world byovertaking China and the US in the process.

This is how any society, any civilization works. People are using social media as a powerful tool to voice their opinions. With the widespread abuse of the limited resources, and the finite environment that we have around us, we are likely to remain closeted in spaces that will have all life supporting devices, but possibly, the joy that nature brings to the heart will have become extinct like most other species.

Reading some histories of the world wars recently, I was struck by how frequently the mention of servant shortages came up in reports from Great Britain. For example, India has an installed energy capacity of little more than gigawatts; China has more than gigawatts and aims to generate gigawatts of clean electricity by What has been witnessed in the past five decades stands testimony to the fact that however wild imagination may be, it only takes a little time to come true.

National goals and objectives can be worked upon, nurtured and achieved through wise and matured use of media. Business schools will produce more people with the ability to raise and manage capital than a handful of mercantile castes.

It would make possible the building of weapons both inexpensively and much more rapidly. Research into thorium - including by Indian scientists - goes back decades. The surveillance would have become so overwhelming that privacy is something that will have to be safeguarded with all might.

The latest bit that has hooked the scientific world over is the nanotechnology, with its unlimited capacity to revolutionise many areas.

Imaginative Essay on “India of My Dream”

With technology reinventing itself every few weeks, it is quite likely that in another five decades the world is going to be a changed place. Relatively socio-economically advanced Indian states had a fertility rate of less than 2. India needs the best in capabilities that the global economy possesses in order to grow.

Difference in thoughts is what gives strength to a democracy. Are you sure you want to delete this answer. Many of the media houses still act irresponsibly and so do many celebrities and leaders.

In the last fifty years the world has undergone a great deal of transformation. Yes, I agree there are a few setbacks and there will be more. In relatively small spaces, we are comfortable with the constant presence of the servant, and this will not change in the next generation.

Much of India's recent growth came from taking advantage of globalization of markets, knowhow and resources.

India in 2050 Essay

But India primarily adopted a 'gatekeeper' strategy: foreign companies were welcome if a well-heeled Indian partner could be found.  INDIA IN India is the Country of diversity.

It is the beauty if diversity that makes india a very unique country in every aspect be it technical, scientific, social, or environmental. Every Indian is worth of accomplishing every task that can flourishes the economy of the nation.

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India In Essay Search. Search Results. Essay on youth Young people are full of abundant energy, courage, spirit for adventure, imagination, hope and ambition.

These can be very well used in constructive Words; 5 Pages. India’s incomes are the lowest among Brics nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Median per capita income (meaning more than half the population) is only a little over Rs.

35, Infollowing the fine tradition of hacking automobiles and computers, garage biology hacking could be well underway. Of course, if there is a benefit then there are enough reasons to watch out for the misuse of the technology too. India in Essay India is the Country of diversity - India in Essay introduction.

It is the beauty if diversity that makes india a very unique country in every aspect be it .

Essay on imagination of india in 2050
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